My Commitment to Our Community Runs Deep

“I was born and raised in Kent County. I grew up working in a family business. After graduating from the University of Delaware with an MBA, I returned to raise a family and serve as a volunteer for several community and charitable organizations. I started my own business that helps families plan for retirement and save for college. My roots in the community run deep, and I’m committed to making it an even better place for us to call home.”

– Trey Paradee

Democrat Trey Paradee is focused on solving problems, not playing partisan politics.

Putting families and the middle class first will always be my priority as the next State Senator for the 17th District.

I support tax policies that make it easier for middle-class families to succeed. Investments in infrastructure and education will attract better-paying jobs, but we must be mindful of government waste and overspending. Our children should have access to the best teachers and state-of-the-art technology to prepare for the economy of the future. Eliminating red tape and barriers to entry will make it easier for the next generation of entrepreneurs to start and operate a small business. State and local officials must work hand-in-hand with our local faith and community leaders and our police departments to tackle the difficult challenges of opioid addiction, gang violence, and homelessness.

Dover, Camden, and Wyoming are the heart of Kent County. If the heart is not strong, Kent County will suffer. Working together, we can solve our challenges and create a better future for our families.